Silicone Click Grips

  • $165,00

This Stigma cartridge grip will screw on to all compatible Stigma Hybrid or Stigma dedicated cartridge machines. This grip has a removable silicone grip cover for extra comfort, available in two different thicknesses. Two silicone grip covers are included with the grip, one in black and one in red, this means you can swap the black silicone cover with the red one if you wish.

Available in two versions, the Stigma version for Stigma Hybrid and Stigma dedicated cartridge machines and the universal version for use with conventional machines.

Stigma cartridge grips and Stigma cartridges are designed with more safety in mind, the grip and the cartridge will seal together when connected preventing ink / blood from entering into the grip and machine. The Stigma cartridge system is dual sealed and safer than any other cartridge system. The needle depth can be adjusted on the cartridge by simply clicking the grip clockwise or anti-clockwise. The silicone click grips are autoclavable.

Available in either 31MM or 35MM.

Key Features

  • Weight: 55 grams
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