• $577.903,00

The Stigma cartridges are designed with safety in mind. They feature an external sealing cap, to prevent any leak through to the grip and machine. When connected with a Stigma grip, this forms a dual seal, so the cartridge seals completely with the grip at the connecting spot. The umbrella trap design prevents ink / blood from splattering over the cartridge sides.

The external sealing cap also provides another key benefit. Due to the thickness and elasticity of the rubber material it is made from, the external sealing cap also acts as a dampening system, providing a natural 5%~10% give. This is optimal not only for shading, but also for lining. With just a little give, shading becomes smoother and lines become crisper than they would have without any give, enhancing your tattooing experience.

All these benefits are making these cartridges safer than ever to use, so you can concentrate clearly on tattooing!

Stigma flat needle cartridges are available in the following configurations:

0.35MM – 5 Flat Long Taper
0.35MM – 9 Flat Long Taper
0.35MM – 13 Flat Long Taper

Key Features

  • Simply plug in and twist to your desired angle
  • Medical grade precision thin profile tips
  • Spring return system for uniform tension
  • Superior performance
  • Protect yourself, your equipment and your customer - enjoy tattooing!