Karina Cuba

Karina Cuba talking about the Jet Power machine

“Definitely this is the best color packer I’ve ever used! This machine hits perfectly. It is very light and easy to use – just put the needle inside and enjoy the process. I use my JET POWER every day for my color works with 11 mags and 15 mags. The 6w motor is more than enough to work on 6volts with these needles, therefore, the machine never gets heated, even after 6-7 hours sessions.”

Karina Cuba talking about the Prodigy V2 machine

“PRODIGY V2 is my main machine for black&grey works. I use it with 5w brushless motor plug (standard stroke) for different magnums from 7 to 15. My working voltage is between 7-7,5 volts, so the machine runs quiet and with very low vibration. I like the adjustable give – only 1-2 seconds, and the machine becomes harder or softer as I need it. Very fast and easy. If you prefer grey wash then the machine will be perfect for you.”

Karina Cuba talking about the Stylist pen machine

“I used the Stylist the whole week and I can fairly say that this is my new love along with Beast and Soldier. I turned the motor plug for M and work at 6v.
Really like the idea on new machines when I can change the stroke within a few seconds. First impressions are really nice…”

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